No Available Puppies at this time

Expecting next litter end of December 2020

Depost $200 

Dam and Sire of next litter listed below

AKC, red factored, and carry BET gene

OFA clear and genetic testing clear on full panel



2 comments to Puppies

  • Tracee Latch  says:

    I have a blue merle male with copper points. Minature 12″ tall. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He is so awesomely smart. I didn’t even have to housebreak him, he just knew automatically. We are now wanting a larger dog that can grow up with him so they will get along. He is scared of large dogs at his age. We want a large dog for protection, or at least a loud bark. LOL. I tried getting him a female mate, mini, and never could get her housebroke. I finally gave her to a friend. Is it true females are impossible or very difficult to housebreak? Should I just get him a male buddy?

    • admin  says:

      I did not have this trouble with my female. If you get a male think about getting him neutered. Two males can be territorial.

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