Aussiedoodles have arrived!

We have had our first litter of F1 Aussiedoodles! They are gorgeous and have exceeded our expectations. They were born on July 11. Will be ready for there new loving home on Sept 5. Excepting deposits now of $350..  Price $1000.00



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Chocolate/White Male



Chocolate Tri Female


Staying in Ar with Hannah

Chocolate/White Male


Chocolate/White Male


Sold: Going home with the Finn family to Houston, TX





2 comments to Puppies

  • Tracee Latch  says:

    I have a blue merle male with copper points. Minature 12″ tall. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. He is so awesomely smart. I didn’t even have to housebreak him, he just knew automatically. We are now wanting a larger dog that can grow up with him so they will get along. He is scared of large dogs at his age. We want a large dog for protection, or at least a loud bark. LOL. I tried getting him a female mate, mini, and never could get her housebroke. I finally gave her to a friend. Is it true females are impossible or very difficult to housebreak? Should I just get him a male buddy?

    • admin  says:

      I did not have this trouble with my female. If you get a male think about getting him neutered. Two males can be territorial.

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