Meet Cosmo

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Cosmo is where bluemerleaussies all started. 8 years ago we made a trip to Oklahoma to pick him up. My family and I fell in love. Cosmo goes everywhere with us. He loves the water and goes on boat rides. His job is to watch over our home. He watches are kids close when they are out playing. He worries about them as much as me. He is very intelligent has all kinds of tricks he likes to show off. Loves to give high fives. Gizmo pictured below is one of his offspring. 


Meet Gizmo


Gizmo is an AKC red merle. Gizmo has done an excellent job carrying on Cosmo’s beautiful lines. You can see some of them on the past puppies page. Not only beautiful but very intelligent and all have had great temperaments. We strive to raise healthy puppies and Gizmo hips, elbows, heart, knees are all clear through OFA. Genetic testing clear/normal on whole panel.




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